BuyItLive PLUS
Elite Comment Selling, With Elite Results

Payment Options: Stripe, PayPal, Square, Sezzle, and WePay (coming soon)

Advanced Cart Features: Create, Modify, and Restore Shopping Carts, Restore Customer Strike Outs and More!

No Additional Transaction Fees: We don't charge any additional fees, so your costs never change! (PayPal, Stripe, & Square fees are still there)

Premium Customer Service: Front of the line access

TeamPlay: Invite, motivate, and track your team success

Customer Rewards: Loyalty reward credits for your customers

Social Analytics: We will analyze your last 100 posts and tell you what is working, and what isn't working

You Get ALL Of These Premium Options & More

For Only $55 /mo ($1.80 /day) or $550 /yr ($1.50 /day)

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Advanced Cart Management

Create, Restore, And Modify Shopping Carts!

Not only do your customers get the benefit of instant checkout with a premiere shopping cart experience, you can see who has a shopping cart, and you can help them out when needed! You can create carts, you can edit items within a cart, you can add products to someone's shopping cart, you can restore an expired shopping cart, and you can destroy a shopping cart. You can do a lot to shopping carts...

You can also add more time to their cart so it doesn't expire and you can mark a transaction as a cash payment and close out the order. If you have the option to give customers strikes for timing out, you can view who has strikes against them, and you can restore their account with you so everything is back to order. All future updates with cart management will ONLY occur for BuyItLive Plus members.

New Payment Options



WePay (Coming Soon)

TeamPlay: Play Together, Slay Together

Invite, Track, Motivate, Reward

We all know that achieving our life goals is much more doable with a friend by our side, or at least someone who can keep you accountable. Why not apply the same mentality to your business goals? With TeamPlay, you can create a team of sellers and work together to see growth like never before. A team leader provides the goals, the competition factor provides the motivation, and the teammates provide the fun. Everyone loves online shopping, now it’s time to see just how much you can love online selling.

TeamPlay is a tool that helps you as a leader to create, manage, and motivate a team of sellers. Increase productivity by setting group goals and offering incentives, including a weekly team member spotlight. With TeamPlay, you can ensure that your team is continually improving together while still giving each member the ability to manage their store and make independent business decisions. This is the next big move to heighten motivation.

Premium Customer Service

Front Of The Line & Extended Hours: Check Out These Testimonials

Amanda H.

Shimmer N Sass

“I used this service tonight! Amazing response and a satisfied customer recieved help!”

Danielle V.

Danielle's Bling Boutique

“The priority service seems awesome!! I mean I’ve been so impressed with this system and how AMAZING your customer support is, I would be happy to pay a small monthly fee for a priority service.”

You Get ALL of this and SO MUCH MORE

For Only $55 /mo ($1.80 /day) or $550 /yr ($1.50 /day)

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Customer Loyalty Rewards

Reward Your Customers With Credits!

Do you know the feeling when you scratch your ticket and find out you’ve just won the lottery?! Me neither, but I do know what it feels like to earn free in-store credit to my favorite stores and that’s basically the same thing! With Invite Rewards, you’ve found the ultimate way to excite and motivate your customers to keep on shopping with you by rewarding them with in-store credit on BuyItLive. That discount will give them the push they need to hit “Checkout” - and bring their friends with them!

A little known secret is that your customers can help your business grow considerably more than you realize. The key is figuring out how to harness the power they often don’t use, or at least not to your advantage. With Invite Rewards, you can motivate your customers to work for you by offering in-store credit when they invite their friends to your store and make purchases. Why spend money on ads when you could earn money from the people who would watch them?

GetScored: Social Analytics

Go Beyond Vanity Metrics, Get Insightful Help

Don’t you just hate it when you post the greatest photo on social media but get little to no interaction? Or worse, when it happens on a SALE post? Maybe the content you’re using isn’t doing a good job of connecting to your customers, but how would you know? You can find out by using GetScored, a social media analyzer that takes care of the behind-the-scenes stuff so you can focus on some hard-set data. Get Scored will analyze your Facebook page or group and create a useful Social Score based on the views, shares, likes, etc. on your most recent posts. You can finally see in plain numbers what’s working and what isn’t.

The bane of online selling is figuring out the most recent social media/fashion/buying/anything trends, especially when it comes to being a small business owner. Trends change so fast it almost isn’t worth the hassle trying to keep up. With Get Scored, our system will analyze posts you’ve made on your Facebook pages and groups and will instantly tell you what’s effective and what isn’t. It looks at likes, shares, views, and any other engagement factor to create a Social Score you can understand and use to your advantage. The guessing game is over.

What Do Our BuyItLive Plus Customers Think?

Testimonials From BIL PLus Sellers


Bindy's Bling

“Plus has made a big difference in my business and my stress level. It would take something serious to take it away from me. I bought the one year rate. Saved me $$ and it included customer support. No more paying for it, and I love the savings!”

Amanda H.

Shimmer N Sass

“I have been with BuyItLive since May, they are constantly striving to improve their program. Always listening and considering what we need. BuyItLive Plus is just one of those improvements. More options for payments, quick customer care, and several more. Its like all your needs rolled into one. I love having that option instead of each individual upgrade. I cant wait to see what is in store for us next!”

Compared To Our Competitor's Transaction Fees, Our Yearly Plan Pays For Itself!

Grab It Now For $550 /yr ($1.50 /day)

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