Join The Social Commerce Revolution

Building better communities through commerce with a personal touch. Customers interact, shop, & donate through live video, static video, and social posts on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

  • Patent Pending Social Comment Shopping
  • 3X Engagement & 20-40+% Conversion Rates
  • No Invoicing! Instant Checkout In The Moment
  • Integrates With Your Shopify Store & Products
  • Live Video, Photos, & Regular Video Posts
  • Setup & Start Selling Within 15 Minutes!!

No Credit Card Required

No Monthly Fees / No Listing Fees / Risk Free


Harness the Power of Social Commerce

With BuyItLive, we’ve cracked the code to effective social selling which out performs any other method. We’ve built a system and platform to help you achieve sales growth and better serve the customers that love connecting with you on social, and win over new community members.
  • Customers use comments to add products to their shopping carts
  • First to comment, first into the cart
  • If a product is already in a shopping cart, other customers can still jump in line
  • All purchases must be completed within a certain allotted time (that you determine)
  • If they don't checkout in time, the product moves to the next person in line
  • Gamified shopping entertainment is fun for all!

Live Video Checkout Has 3x Engagement & 20-40% CVR

The Traditional Conversion Funnel Is Broken

Linking To E-commerce From Social, Is NOT Social
(Multiple Funnels of Friction)

The typical checkout experience: Impressions, views, clicks, landing page, product page, add to cart, back to shopping, finalize cart, ask for mother's maiden name, and (finally) checkout. It's like the shopping Olympics: only the top 1-3% survive. Which is why that is the usual conversion rate for most e-commerce. Quit being such an elitist!

We're Driven By Your Success!

Our mission is for you to succeed

You Are The Funnel & The Connection

The Key To Conversion Is Capturing In The Moment

We Help You Build a Succesful Business Around Your Community

Communicating with customers on social media shouldn't be like putting a message in a bottle. They want to connect to you and your story, and support you with their wallet. But you need the tools to enable that connection in the moment! Sending an invoice in an email is NOT the way to close out a purchase in the need instant checkout. No more invoices!

Create Superfans & Grow Your Community!

  • We offer powerful discount & offer tools that are EASY to implement
  • Create BOGO offers (Buy 1-5 get one FREE) for your store, with one click
  • Social rewards system for tagging friends, offers discounts to first time customers
  • Customers can reserve sold out items, and we auto notify them when new inventory is available, in the order they reserved their item.
  • SMS notifications when it is their turn to buy items they are in line to buy
  • When shopping carts expire, we send out email drip campaigns to close the sale
  • View all active shopping carts, and PM customers on FB to close the sale, with one click
  • Mark Products as Pre-Order Items & Sell Pre-Orders

We Integrate With Your Shopify Store

Orders, Products, Prices, Quantities, and Variants

Got variants? You might have a Shopify store
Good news, we sync with your shopify store!

With the click of a button you can import your shopify products with all of their images and information into our system! We will also send your orders and update inventory when sales are made. We track price, quantity, and variant changes made on your Shopify store to the products you import into BuyItLive. You can even keep special prices on BuyItLive that won't sync over to Shopify if you would like (it is a setting you can change).

Social Video Is In Our DNA

We Exist To Empower Small Businesses & Small Causes

Brett Stubbs & Theron Harmon both come from the Harmon Brothers Agency, known for making the world's BEST infortainment conversion videos. HB videos have over 1,000,000,000 combined views. BuyItLive and HB are partnering to bring this technology to the forefront of e-commerce.

Exciting News!

Announcing Partnerships With Some Amazing E-Commerce Pros!

Women’s Leadership LIVE
Women’s Leadership LIVE has literally decades of LIVE TV production, direct to consumer sales experience, and brand promotion to provide a menu of services and a process for companies to master video sales and create a robust approach to generate sales, social media engagement, and new forms of growth and value.

SLC Group Holdings
SLC Group Holdings seeks to partner with passionate business owners and entrepreneurs that need an investment to grow their company and help them bring their products to market to propel them faster on the road to success.


We're Only Successful, If You're Successful

No Monthly Fees, No Hidden Features, and No Credit Card Required

We simply deduct a 5% transaction fee from purchases